Throughout London and the UK, the team at Cafe Santiago are experts at delivering a great mobile coffee and hot drink service! Did you know that we are equally as great at helping you promote your product or business? We can offer a multitude of branding opportunities that show off and promote your designs on our hire carts, bikes and bars. Get your product or business seen by the right people.

A few options are listed below......

Brand Us

All of our coffee units can be branded, whether you require a full on custom vinyl wrap or just one or 2 panels of our hire vehicles, there are many options that can be tailor made for your upcoming projects and events..

Branded mobile coffee van hire, London & uk
branded Mobile coffee bike for hire
Mobile coffee bar & barista hire London & UK
custom wrap barista coffee cart for hire london and uk

For the WOW factor you can opt for a full Vinyl wrap, We have Black, White & Blue tuk tubs so you can either wrap them fully with your design or you can simply add your graphics and logos to our base colour. The choice is yours!

A popular option is Branding either the large side panel or Door panel or both together. The bottom area of the Long side can also be branded too.

We can either brand both sides and doors ir just do one side, it will be dependant on location and how you would like the Cart set up.

Coffee van tuk tuk for hire London and uk
Branded barista coffee bike for hire in london and uk

Our Barista coffee bikes can be branded on their front section which is the most common option but we can also wrap our bikes fully for a custom look!

mobile coffee bike trike hire, london and uk

Our Barista coffee bars look great branded! Most clients opt to brand the front of the coffee bar but again if you are looking for a bespoke colour we can full wrap our coffee bars too!

mobile Coffee Barista Bar for hire London and uk
barista mobile coffee bar for hire london and uk

Branded Cups


We offer fully recyclable or biodegradable paper cups or alternatively, our reusable 'keep' cups are very popular.

Branded disposable mobile coffee cups

Branded Cups are always very popular, we ensure we use suppliers who provide fully recyclable cups at the very minimum. Design is fully customisable.


There are a variety of Reusable cups available depending on your requirement and budget.


A new edition are 'Edible Cups' these are made from Wafer similar to that of icecream cones but are able to hold hot drinks. These have been tested and work really well. Lids are available for these and you are able to brand them as shown in the picture.


Lead times for cups vary but standard lead time is 3 weeks for the branded paper cups and reusable cups and 6 weeks for the branded edible cups.


Branded reusable mobile coffee cups

Custom Coffee Stencils

Adding a more bespoke touch to your drink, we also offer custom made coffee stencils.

Your Brand Logo has never been more visible (and tasty!)

mobile coffee bar, cart & bike hire
Mobile coffee hire custom coffee stencil

Menus & A-Frames...


We can offer custom designed table top menus or for something that' stands out a little more we have customisable A-Frame menu boards.

custom coffee A-frame menu board for mobile coffee hire
Custom branded menu board for mobile coffee hire

Theres More...

We pride ourselves on delivering a first class service to our clients, over the years we have provided custom branded cookies and cupcakes, branded napkins, branded t-shirts, Coffee Machine Graphics and so much more.

Whatever the scale of your project or event, the team at Cafe Santiago are here to help and assist you every step of the way.

Custom coffee machine graphics, mobile coffee hire
custom mobile coffee carts for hire

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