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Taking Barista Coffee Mobile!

Mobile Coffee Van and Cart Hire

Cafe Santiago is a mobile coffee company based in London. Our vehicles include a piaggio ape coffee van, a custom wooden coffee trike, and custom coffee bars are all available for hire. We can operate nationwide & even abroad.

We are dedicated to providing you with a unique and exceptional cup of coffee from our team of professional baristas, when you need it most. Whether it be on a film set or TV production, a corporate event, experiential promotion or private party, we understand the importance of delivering a quality service using freshly roasted coffee beans that are ethically sourced and ground to order.

Our Little Black

Piaggio Coffee Van

(Sometimes called a cart or Ape!)

Our Mobile coffee trike (Pedal powered retro style)!

Our Mobile Coffee Bars!

Great for any event wanting

bespoke coffee catering.

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You can hire our mobile coffee vans, trikes or coffee bars for any event or function from a press or product launch, to corporate events or private parties. We are great at branding so let us help promote and boost your business profile! 

You can also find us on TV sets & film productions fuelling up hardworking casts and crews for the day ahead.

We dont just do great coffee; we offer a variety of fresh leaf teas, dreamy hot chocolate, bottled water & soft drinks and a selection of biscuits, muffins and wafers. And if thats not enough we can also do a selection of pastries and fruit.

We do our best to ensure our milk is organic, our sugars are Fairtrade and our cups are recyclable.

If coffee and tea is not your thing, we also offer smoothies and festive mulled wine as seasonal extras. At Cafe Santiago, we like to keep things easy, so we work to a simple pricing structure and strive to tailor our services to your needs as a customer!

So please give us a call or drop us an email and tell us more about your event, and we promise to do our best to provide you with an exceptional service from one of our mobile coffee carts.

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