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Custom Built Coffee Bikes!

After almost a decade working in the industry we have finally taken a foray into building these tricycles!

So if you are looking at getting into the mobile coffee world and want a completely custom built coffee bike then look no further.

Below are the 2 types of custom built trikes/bikes we offer, you have the traditional Dutch tricylce which look amazing and are very vintage looking & the other option is a more modern tricycle. Each one have their pro's its just working out which one fits your business the best!

The Modern box built trike is completely customisable!

The Highlights:

*The frame can be any colour you wish and the mudguards as well.
*The box can be painted or stained any colour to give it a natural wood look or
*You can have it wrapped to give you a completely sleek look!
*An extendable shelf at the end to give you more space and versatility.
*There is a parasol attachment for those not such nice days!
The Vintage Dutch built trike speaks for itself!

The Highlights:

*The frame comes in black as standard but we if you want another colour we can always accommodate...
*The box can come in a couple of sizes giving you options depending on the set up you want.
*You can have a custom canopy or parasol attachment to finish the look.